Producers: David & Corrin Dietlein

Program Director: Ben Hale

Costume Designer: Celia Erickson

Lighting Designers: Catherine Andrus

Projection Designer: Boyd Cluff

Set Designer: McKenna Carpenter

Master Carpenter: Tim Dietlein and Kyle Webb

Assistant Carpenter: Travis Dietlein

Set Painting Assistants: Brittany Arwine & Liz de la Torre

Stage Manager: Danny Karapetian

Audio Engineer: Adam Stilson 

Assistant Stage Manager: Travis Dietlein

Production Assistant: Rebekah Raun


Lead Singer-Guitar: Nic Chamberlain

Lead Singer-Guitar: Alex Chamberlain

Bass: Eric Noble

Piano-Keys: John Houston

Drums: Dutch Workman

Nic Chamberlain
Lead Singer-Guitar

Nic Chamberlain has been actively performing around the U.S. and Canada for over a decade.

However, since 2016, when he recorded a debut album of all original material, he embarked on the songwriter's quest in earnest.  Playing all of the instruments and performing all of the vocal arrangements on his recordings, Nic's songs are equal parts rock and old country.  Roots music has completely taken over his focus and composition.  

While Nic is known for his guitar, mandolin and banjo playing, and even for being a punishing force behind the drum kit, most remember him for his high and lonesome vocals.  Nevertheless, he is most proud of his recent single releases which, unlike his first album, were recorded in Southern California.  

Although Nic has lived in Southern Utah all his life, practicing as an attorney, he and his wife, Paige, moved their five children to Los Angeles in June of 2018.

Alex Chamberlain
Lead Singer-Guitar

Alex Chamberlain's first stage performance was a the age of two, when he regaled a small audience with facts about the Tiger Salamander while his brother Nic sang I'm an old cowhand from the Rio Grande. Performing has been an integral part of his life ever since. Alex is a tenured professor of Art at Utah Tech University, where he chairs the Art Department. He teaches Animation, Photography, and Paleoart. Some of his favorite projects have been: crafting a life-sized T. rex skull for museum display, a home-made, street-legal electric car (before they were cool), a life-sized working R2-D2, and several animated short films. Alex's photography work can be seen throughout the mountain west. Despite his artistic diversity, nothing quite compares to the thrill of playing rock and roll with his brother on stage.

Eric Noble

The Bass found Eric Noble when he was in middle school; as the tallest kid in his music performance class he was the natural choice to anchor the mighty upright. He has been stroking strings ever since. From his perch in the City of Angels, Eric has made his name for himself as a musician second, a bass player third, and ultimately a storyteller. He has played with a variety of artists, from the legendary funk band Afrolicious to the comedian Hannibal Buress. Eric also writes and releases music as his alter-ego Ghostmind, and writes fiction and poetry as his other alter-ego, Winston Joy. Eric is elated to be performing the songs of one of his favorite groups, Simon and Garfunkel, and is particularly excited to be performing them alongside Nic Chamberlain, with whom he has performed many times in the Los Angeles area going through Nic's prolific and enchanting songbook. 

John Houston

John Houston is a pianist/ keyboardist/ vocalist/ touring musician, formerly of the Gladys Knight S.U.V. Choir in Las Vegas, NV. He currently performs in the Eric Dodge Band, with whom he's had the opportunity to share the stage with, Clint Black, Carrie Underwood, LeAn Rimes, John Michael Montgomery, and many more.

John also plays keyboards and sings in several tribute shows, including Waylon/Willie/ Cash, Simon Garfunkel, Billy/Elton, Heart Tribute shows etc. For his "day job" he has been employed since 1998, as a Studio engineer, and session musician, and as such has had the opportunity to perform on hundreds of CDs. He majored in music at S.U.U. in Cedar City, UT with an emphasis on Music Theory, and Vocal performance.

Dutch Workman

Dutch Workman, is an accomplished drummer extraordinaire,  with credits including playing with WORLD CLASS drummers, featured on countless hit records and movie scores. Hes recently finished an album with Modanna's guitarist, and the Lead singer from Living Color, and has recorded on 100s of CBS releases! Dutch is ALSO a member of the Eric Dodge band.  Placing him AND John Houston on stage with some of the world's finest, including Clint Black, Carrie Underwood,  Leanne Rhymes,  Travis Twitter, and Diamond Rio, just to name a few!


Life in the Fast Lane:
A Tribute to the Eagles

April 26 - May 13, 2023